We are the Catholic Community of Most Holy Trinity. Our stewardship of time and talent provides opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.  We are called to serve God through each other, by caring for those within our community and beyond by creating an environment that promotes Christian faith and growth.

Listed below is a brief overview of the various ministries or affiliated organizations present in our parish, as well as the regular opportunities for spiritual activity offered here. 

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Through Adoration, we do Him the kindness of going to Him in a special way.  We would like to hear form you, whether you can commit to attend for an hour on Fridays in the Church, volunteer to be a substitute, or would just like more information about this uniquely Catholic tradition of prayer.  We also have Adoration Monday-Thursday 3:00-5:00pm in the Youth Center Chapel.

Altar Servers

Training is provided to youths ages 11-14 who are committed to serving and participating in the Eucharistic celebration of the Mass.


Our Diocesan-trained ministers assist interested parties through the Annulment process

Art and Environment

Our goal is to enrich the church’s atmosphere for the various   liturgical celebrations during the year.  Creative people are invited to participate to bring beauty and delight to our worship.

Baptismal Preparation

Classes are held to prepare parents and godparents.

Chiapas Sister Parish Committee

We are dedicated to strengthening cultural ties with and providing financial aid to our Sister Parish, San Juan Chamula, located in Chiapas, Mexico.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

We offer children the opportunity to experience God’s Word and the Eucharistic celebration in ways that are meaningful to them.  We need volunteers to proclaim the Word to children, and direct them in understanding its meaning in their lives.  Volunteers work as a team during the 8:30am, 10am, 11:45am and 2pm Masses.

Christian Initiation of Adults

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which interested  persons gradually become members of the Catholic Church.  Sponsors are always needed to be a companion for those on the journey leading to the Easter Sacraments.

Committee Concerned for the Homeless

We provide assistance to the less fortunate in many ways.  During Advent, we also cooperate with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to provide gifts & food for over 200 families, including over 600 children.

Divine Mercy

This devotion is held every Friday at 7:00pm in the Chapel.

Dominican Laity

We are men and women concerned with our relationship with God and our commitment to the Church. We join our unique and different personalities and talents to follow a way of life, which includes prayer, study, apostolic works and mutual sharing.


The movement is one in which various Christian churches work     together for unity in building relationships in Christ.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

As a trained minister of Communion, you are called on to serve the Body of Christ to the Church. Like all ministries, this is a great honor and a great responsibility.

Finance Council

Charged by Canon Law with the responsibility of overseeing the prudent fiscal operations of the parish, we meet once a month to analyze finances, create and approve a budget, and advise the Pastor.


Working with the Finance Council or the Stewardship Committee, we help plan and implement events to aid the parish.

Girl Scouts

Scouting is spiritual and values-based, providing opportunities for girls 5–17 years old to develop and practice new skills, and earn recognition in the form of badges and patches.


We assist the Maintenance  staff in cleaning and improving the campus grounds in various ways.

Hospitality Ministers/Ushers

Bringing honor and glory to God by providing a warm spirit of Christian friendliness to all, we are needed at all Masses to greet, distribute worship aids, and assist with the collection.

Hospitality-Special Events

Several times a year, we offer our time and resources to provide refreshments for various parish celebrations.

Knights of Columbus

Committed to the protection of human life from conception to natural death, to the preservation & defense of the family, the exemplification of charity, fraternity, unity, patriotism and promotion of the priesthood, we are internationally recognized for our support of the church, programs of evangelization & Catholic education, civic involvement & aid to the needy.

Liturgical Minister Scheduling

We keep accurate records of all our commissioned Liturgical Ministers (Lectors, EMs, and Altar Servers), and publish a quarterly schedule for all weekend Masses.  This can be coordinated by one person or a team.

Liturgy Committee

Working with the Pastor, we coordinate the several special    liturgies throughout the year.

Marriage Preparation

Our team is composed of several couples from both our English and Spanish communities.  We meet with couples wishing to marry in the Catholic Church, and provide classes and guidance through the parish’s preparation process.

Ministry of Care

Our trained volunteers take Holy Communion weekly to the sick and homebound, as well as to those in nursing homes and retirement centers; they visit patients at John C. Lincoln Hospital daily, minister to bereaved families at the time of death; and offer a grief support group and a caregiver support group.

Ministers of the Word (Lectors)

When you answer the call to proclaim the Bible readings to the assembled faith community, you enter into a deeper relationship with the Word of God as revealed in Sacred Scripture.  You take upon yourself the duty and privilege of bringing the printed word to life.

Money Counters

We gather weekly to process parish collections accurately, following good business guidelines.

Music Ministry

Music serves the community by helping it express the gift of faith within us, and by guiding the community toward full, active participation in every worship gathering.  The goal of every  music minister is to assist the assembled in joining with Christ Who is always at the center of our musical prayer.  Vocalists and instrumentalists are welcome.

Office Volunteers

Occasional help is needed with bulk mailings, filing, stuffing  bulletins with inserts, and assembling worship aids.

Our Lady of the Wayside Sodality

Open to practicing Catholic women. Members live a life of consecration to our Blessed Mother in order to be under her special protection and to live in imitation of her. The special apostolate at MHT is: first, to do all possible to help within our own family and daily surroundings, then, to do all possible to help MHT  Parish.

Pastoral Council

This planning and advisory group to the Pastor focuses on advancing the apostolic role of the laity and the apostolic potential of the parish.

Religious Education/Catechists

Through dedicated service, we assist families in the faith initiation and formation of children and youth.  We catechize students not enrolled in MHT School, prepare them for the reception of Sacraments, work with parents, provide liturgical celebration   opportunities, & encourage families to take an active part in    parish life.  We offer a bi-lingual program for ages kindergarten through 12th grade.


The preparation of our worship space & the maintenance of the Sacristy are important to the function of our parish.

Scripture Classes

We study and discuss the teachings of different books within the Holy Bible.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

We are an international lay organization that seeks, in a spirit of justice and charity, to help those who are suffering. Vincentian spirituality is based on the very real presence of Christ in every person, especially those who have been disenfranchised or marginalized by society.  In addition to assisting people with the basics of daily living (food, rent, utilities, etc.), Vincentians are obligated to cultivate sensitivity to, and eradication of, social injustices that are the root of poverty.

Stewardship Committee

Our responsibility is to lead the stewardship effort at our parish on a year-round basis, which includes overseeing the initial introduction of the stewardship way of life to the parish, and conducting annual renewal efforts.

Youth Ministry

We have a comprehensive program designed to minister to teens of all faiths from a uniquely Catholic base. We attempt to reach teens on spiritual, educational, emotional and social levels. Teens are encouraged to embark on a journey of faith and relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  At a weekly Youth Mass, we    enter into authentic and full worship of God with a faith community of peers, families and adult ministers.


Adoración del Santísimo Sacramento

Por medio de la Adoración del Santísimo Sacramento, Le hacemos la bondad de ir con El de una manera especial.  Nos gustaría escuchar de usted, si puede comprometerse a asistir por una hora los viernes a la iglesia, ofrecerse a ser un substituto, o si le gustaría mas            información sobre esta tradición Católica de oración.  También       tenemos Adoración de lunes a jueves de 3:00 a 5:00pm en la Capilla del Centro Juvenil.   

(Para menores de 7 años)

Las personas en este ministerio ayudan con platicas pre-bautismales e inscripciones de bautizos entre semana.

Comité de Chiapas

Estamos dedicados a fortalecer los lazos culturales con y proveyendo ayuda financiera a nuestra Parroquia Hermana, San Juan Chamula, localizada en Chiapas, México.


El coro es un servicio a la comunidad por medio del canto en la     Santa Misa.  Nos da la oportunidad de que toda la asamblea partícipe en los cantos y juntos hacer nuestra celebración más alegre.

Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial

Viva un fin de semana del Encuentro Matrimonial.  Es una            experiencia positiva y personal que ofrece a parejas casadas una oportunidad de aprender una técnica de comunicación amorosa que pueden usar por el resto de sus vidas.  El encuentro le da la           oportunidad de ver profundamente la  relación del uno con el otro y con Dios y le ayudará a revitalizar el Matrimonio.

Educación Religiosa / Catequesis

Nuestro programa bilingüe de Educación Religiosa,  a través de la dedicación de nuestros catequistas voluntarios y personal de apoyo, ayudan a las familias en la iniciación y la formación de fe de los      niños y jóvenes, preparando a los estudiantes para recibir los           sacramentos, para participar en celebraciones litúrgicas y así poder tomar una parte activa en la vida parroquial. Ofrecemos un programa bilingüe para los grados de Kínder a 12 grado

Educación Cristiana para Adultos-RICA

Este es un proceso de catequesis para adultos.  Es una jornada donde se  comparte la fe y experiencias de la vida diaria.  Las reuniones son cada semana y como parte del proceso, se celebran  ritos especiales y retiros.

Grupo de Oración Carismático

Este grupo de oración es un lugar donde la familia puede venir a orar y alabar al Señor. Todos los martes de 7:00—9:00 p.m. en la Iglesia o Salón McHugh.


La función de los ministros de hospitalidad es dar una calurosa  bienvenida a nuestros hermanos feligreses que llegan  a la celebración  de la Santa  Misa.  También, distribuyen los  boletines de noticias y cualquier otra   información designada para ese fin de semana. 


Los lectores se encargan de leer las lecturas (proclamar la Palabra de Dios) cada sábado y domingo y también en otras celebraciones.  Cada lector se prepara  para leer la lectura que le toca en una fecha indicada.  Anímate a ser parte del ministerio de lectores, para servirle a Dios a través de nuestra comunidad.

Legión de María

La Legión de María es una Asociación  de Católicos, que propagan la fe y crecen juntos en su amor por Jesucristo, en unión con la Virgen María, su más perfecta seguidora y apóstol.


Es un ministerio donde los niños participan sirviendo al sacerdote en la liturgia dominical.  Este ministerio esta abierto para niños(as) que hayan recibido su Primera Comunión.

Preparación para Matrimonios

Este ministerio ofrece preparación Matrimonial según el  programa Diocesano para aquellas personas que quieren recibir el sacramento del matrimonio.  También ofrece medios para facilitar la  comunicación entre la pareja, instrumentos que les ayude a  capacitarse para evaluar mejor su relación y ver su calidad de compromiso hacia el futuro.  Se ofrece entrenamiento para los voluntarios de este ministerio.


Ofrecemos celebración de Quinceañeras (Misas Individuales) viernes o sábado según las fechas disponibles de la Iglesia.  Si tienes talento para trabajar con jóvenes, tal vez este sea tu llamado.






























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